April 28, 2017

The Pikachu Cafe and Attack on Doraemon!

3W2A4745A few weeks ago, Subtokyo and Manastar hit me up in order to go to the Pikachu Cafe over in Roppongi Hills. Starting in August, the Pikachu cafe opened up to promote the new Diancie movie that came out recently. To top that off, the area in front of the Mori building was stacked with tons of Doraemon everywhere you looked. A new Doraemon movie was coming out at the same time, so there were promotions all over the place this weekend. There was a Godzilla statue in the park near Tokyo Midtown as well, but I didn’t have a chance to hit that one up. For now, let me show you a few pics I was able to take that weekend.


3W2A4792It was a rainy day when we went, so we hid inside the building while waiting for everyone to arrive.  Tons of people lined up to take pictures of their favorite Doraemon and there was a Yellow one among all the blue ones as well. To be honest, I wasn’t too familiar with the story behind Doraemon, so if any of you could tell me more about it, please leave comments down below! When Manastar and SubTokyo arrived, we went upstairs and paid the fee to go up to the observatory in the Mori Tower.

3W2A4771The view was pretty awesome and even with the rain and all, you could see a good distance around the Tokyo area.  They had a lot of Pokemon related stuff all over the walls and a mini “Grass” area, where you could pretend to throw Pokeballs at the pokemon hiding in the grass.  It was definitely a good place to take kids if they are fans of the series. For the more hardcore people, they had cells from the movie as well as storyboards from the movies. Then… we saw the line. 3.5 hours of waiting in order to eat at the actual cafe itself.

3W2A4778Needless to say, we didn’t have much to do in order to kill time, so we all busted out our cameras and continued with our Vlog Every Day in August Challenge. We also got the opportunity to stock up on a lot of Miis thanks to the streetpass feature. After a few hours, we finally got our tables and proceeded to order. As usual with these themed cafes, the prices of the meals themselves were pretty expensive and there wasn’t too much of a selection. The Pika burger that I ate was surprisingly good. The drink that I ordered, however, was rather disgusting and disappointing.

3W2A4799After about 30 minutes or so, we all finished up our meals then headed back outside to take more pictures of the Doraemon in the area. Then, we hit up the local and ONLY Cinnabon in the area and pigged out in order to wrap up the night. Unfortunately, the Pikachu Cafe wrapped up on August 31st.  You can live vicariously through my experience below though. And make sure to check out Subtokyo on his take of the Cafe too!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFg5M9ZoAUQ&w=640&h=360]


As a final note, I totally apologize for taking such a long break, but real life and all that fun stuff took a huge priority and a lot of stuff happened in the background. I will address this in a future post. But for now, thanks for sticking by!

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