April 28, 2017


3W2A03212Hi!  Thanks for reading and visiting the site. This definitely helps motivate me in my studies and furthering my integration in Japan. 🙂

Overall, the main purpose of this project will be to increase my motivation in regards to studying Japanese, learning about the culture, and to keep in touch with my family and friends back home in California, USA.

I will primarily focus on updates in my life here, interesting quirks that I run into, and will be answering any questions that come my way.  I’ll also be posting any pictures of events and such that I go to.  Hopefully I won’t bore you to tears, haha.

With that out of the way; Why “Kanto Kitsune”?  Well, I struggled for a while to try to come up with a name for the site and I could not think of anything interesting.  So as a default, I decided to go with something simple.  The region in which I reside and an old nickname I used to roll with.

I live in Chiba right now and it is part of the Kanto region, so Bam! Kanto. Easy.

Back when I used to play DDR, I went by the name Fox.  And although the use of the nickname faded over time, there are still friends of mine that prefer to call me that, instead of my real name. So again, Bam! Fox.

So there you have it. No “the stars were perfectly aligned as I randomly flipped through a Japanese dictionary” or anything. Just a simple and clean title.

In closing, thanks again for visiting and if you have any questions, shoot them my way @ kanto.kitsune(at)gmail.com!